List of Equipment

List of Equipment - Hurco VM2 CNC Milling Machine - Doody Engineering

List of equipment

Hurco VM2 CNC Milling Machine

Bridgeport Manual Mill (2off)

CNC Plasma Cutter

Durma HAP30120 Press Brake

Durma ES 3006 Guillotine

Sahinler 60 Tonne Iron Worker

Sahinler PK 30F Section Roller

Bomar Bandsaw

WPI Tapping Arm​

Lincon Speedtec 405 Sp Pulse Mig Welder


Lincon 140 AC/DC Inventor Welder

On-Site Mobile Workshop

Scheppach Table Saw

Greising Stainless Electro Polishing Equipment

Oxy- Propane Cutting Equipment

VW Crafter

Arboga Pillar Dill

Lincon Aspect 300 AC/DC Pulse Tig Welder

Oxford 410 Mig

Jasic 220 AC/DC Pulse Tig

Lincon Ranger 400-Amp Mobile Diesel Welder

Bosch Chop Saw

Cibo Stainless Polishing Equipment

DAF 45 6M Flat Bed Truck

Toyota 3 Tonne Diesel Forklift

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